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E-commerce and internet law


Due to its fast development the internet continuously poses new challenges for existing legislation. These can include trademark problems when choosing domain names or the legal design of online shops and platform, the draft of terms & conditions or privacy statements as well as obtaining the correct rights for the use of online content (e.g. photos, films, music, text and more).

Examples of word
• we assist in the development of a complex internet presence in particular online shops – covering all legal aspects
• we assist in the development of music download portal or streaming sites – covering all legal aspects
• drafting of terms & conditions for national and international competitions
• drafting project contracts for internet shops
Our clients
• online shops
• online agencies
• other internet service providers
• retailers and service providers offering online trading in addition to shop floor sales

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Hohenlohestraße 9
28209 Bremen

Tel +49 421 222 10 – 0
Fax + 49 421 222 10 – 30

E-mail bremen(at)medien-kanzlei.eu

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