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Media and privacy law


The constitution protects freedom of speech and freedom of the press as one of the central pillars of a democratic state. This relates to publications in traditional print media, radio and TV as well as electronic media such as the internet. In the context of media reporting this basic right often enters into a conflict of interest with the constitutionally protected right to privacy of the people and companies, which are the subject of the reporting. To balance the interest, media law already sanctions / prohibits certain content and forms of reporting and allows for subjects to make claims of injunctions, correction, counterstatement or damages. Temporary legal protection is of great importance in this area of law due to the considerable threat of damage and the limited time span for intervention.

Examples of work
• consultation and legal representation of private individuals and companies in case of privacy violations
• review of planned or already issued publications with regards to legitimacy according to media law
• out-of-court representation in proceeding related to media or privacy law
cease-and-desist orders, temporary legal protection, principal proceedings

Our clients
• companies in media crisis
• individuals affected by publications in print or online media – celebrities and non-celebrities

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Hohenlohestraße 9
28209 Bremen

Tel +49 421 222 10 – 0
Fax + 49 421 222 10 – 30

E-mail bremen(at)medien-kanzlei.eu

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