The legal demands for the data protection in companies will radically change with the commencement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation on 25th of May, 2018. Canonical penalties as sanctions for the violation of data protection regulations can threaten companies existentially. Besides these legal results, companies are confronted with a considerable image loss due to data breakdowns, because data protection is not just one tiresome legal duty, but also a high-class sign for enterprise.

Many companies are already obliged to order an operational data protection representative. With the commencement of the General Data Protection Regulation, the amount of companies will increase.

What can we do for you?

In „digital times“, the processing of personal data is essential in the everyday life of companies. The data not only of customers and business partners, but also of own employees are constantly required in companies. In the outside communication of companies, juridical questions about data protection arise, for example:

– within the creation of own websites,

– within advertising measures,

– at the conduction of an online-shop,

– with the commission of service providers,

– by the mail-order of confidential information via e-mail

Current measures show that data protection subjects are omnipresent, often without companies being conscious about it, for example:

– the video supervision,

– the data backup concept,

– the event of lotteries,

– photo galleries of own employees on the company’s website

With pleasure we like to answer your juridical questions to data protection policies. We support and counsel you or your operational data protection representative already installed by you for the development of a law-compliant infrastructure within your company. Also, you can hire us as an external operational data protection representative. The lawyers Oliver Heinz and Michael v. Rothkirch are certified operational data protection representatives (Chamber of Industry and Commerce).

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