copyright law

Copyright law protects the achievement of creative artists, for example authors, composer, songwriters, painters, directors, photographers, musicians, actors and others. They are entitled to particular personal rights such as the right to recognition of their authorship or the right to first publication of their works. Central to copyright law are the so-called exploitation rights, which allow the author to exploit their intellectual property commercially. This also includes the regulations of copyright agreements, which set the framework for the exploitation of the above-mentioned rights by publishers, film producers or record companies. Scientific achievements or computer programs can fall under copyright law.
Aside from the authors copyright law also covers certain achievements as a result of performances of copyright-protected works. Actors, music performers, record labels, broadcasting companies or concert promoters are, for example, entitled to this so-called ancillary copyright.

Examples of work
• lodging and documentation of copyright-protected works
• crackdown on infringement of copyright law, .e.g. plagiarism
• set-up and negotiation of exploitation contracts or license agreements
• representation of clients in relation with collecting societies (e.g. GEMA, VG WORT, VG Bildkunst)

Our clients
Authors in all creative fields
Companies such as music publishers, record companies, film and TV production companies, concert promoters.


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