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The attorney remuneration law (RVG) sets the scene for the remuneration of lawyerly attainment. To determine the amount of the salary, the lawyer’s qualification as well as the extent, the difficulty level and the economic importance of the particular case are considered. So that you have a basis for calculation and we can work economically, we balance accounts after the following methods:

Billing on the clock

Our operational activities are primarily the preparation and negotiation of contracts, the support of individual projects and the checking of the chances for success of legal procedures.
We bill those operations on the clock. Beforehand we create an estimation of the expenditure of time. In case that the expenditure significantly changes, we will inform you in due course.

A wholesale flat-rate

In some cases we lean to a wholesale flat-rate as remuneration-method instead of billing on the clock. Especially in cases, in which our expenditure is assessable from the beginning.

Remuneration within the limits of statutory regulations

A remuneration within the limits of statutory regulations of the RVG takes place in legal conflicts with a value of the matter of € 20.000. Working with a lower value of the matter is usually uneconomic.

Initial consultation

In an initial consultation we provide you information or legal advice in person or on the phone. It includes an approximate assessment of the circumstances and the legal situation. Further consultation, checking of documents and the issue of an expert opinion lawyerly writings are not covered by the initial consultation.

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Hohenlohestraße 9
28209 Bremen

Tel +49 421 222 10 – 0
Fax + 49 421 222 10 – 30

E-mail bremen(at)medien-kanzlei.eu

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