film law

The credits after a movie gives viewers an idea of how many people are involved in the preparation, production, post-production and the exploitation of films. In the area of film law we set up contracts to regulate the complex legal relationships between all parties. We make sure that all necessary rights of involved parties are acquired / purchased and obtained and that no third-party rights are infringed with view to personal or copyright.
When exploiting cinematic works we ensure that rights over a set exploitation period are being correctly assigned to the parties involved also with view to format, time span and territories. Hence we start to draw up contracts on behalf of renowned film producers with the parties involved in the film production already long before the start of the actual film shoot. We closely accompany the production to be able to react quickly if problems occur.

Examples of work
• lodging and documentation of prospective film works (novels, scripts and pre-stages thereof)
• story rights, film contracts, script contract
• financing contracts
• contracts for custom production or co-production
• contracts with directors, actors and other parties involved in the film production
• film music contracts
• exploitation contracts with distributors or sales agents

Our Clients
• production companies
• script writers
• directors
• actors and actresses
• service companies for production, post-production and technical personnel


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