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TV law


Our work in TV law often start with checking the possibilities of protecting concepts for new TV shows or other formats before these are being offered to private or public service broadcasters. This also includes drafting contracts and consultation with TV personalities (e.g. talk show hosts, actors, or participants of reality TV shows). TV law also includes the assessment of recorded material with view to violation of personal rights or privacy. Due to our extensive contacts within the event planning and music industry we have frequently drafted contracts for TV or online broadcasting of concerts or other live events. Examples of work

  • drafting and negotiating contracts for presenters or TV show participants
  • protection of media formats – assessment, offer and negotiation of formats, non-disclosure agreements
  • TV production contract, service production contracts

Our clients

  • TV producers
  • scriptwriters and format developers
  • presenters
  • actors and actresses
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Hohenlohestraße 9
28209 Bremen

Tel +49 421 222 10 – 0
Fax + 49 421 222 10 – 30

E-mail bremen(at)medien-kanzlei.eu

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